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Stage 3/finale of trying out a youTube Teddy Bear drawstring bag tutorial

Thank you for the likes for the previous two blog posts :). You really made my day :D.

I finally finished making the drawstring bag.

A quick preview of the different components… stage3pieces

So far so good…

End product. Ta da! Open and shut view.

The bag, as suspected, was too small. A few more rows would have made a big difference. The end product looked a bit more like a monkey than a teddy bear haha.

I followed most instructions except for the mouth/lip lines. Decided to go with curved lines.


Despite the size of the bag, I am still quite happy with how it looks. The vibrant colours help, too. I suppose. Anyway, I’ve decided to give it to my nephew as a present. Hope he likes it!

It’s been a fun little project to do. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

Recap link to the tutorial at end of post.



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Stage 2 of Teddy Bear drawstring bag and Eva Cassidy

Here is where I am up to…

One ear and the bag which looks a little small! We’ll see what happens



More updates to come …


In the meantime,

Here’s Eva Cassidy’s rendition of “Honeysuckle Rose”

Her voice is amazing.


Recap link to my first blog post and the lovely Teddy Bear bag tutorial by Jayda InStitches

Trying out a youTube Teddy Bear Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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Trying out a youTube Teddy Bear Drawstring Bag Tutorial


I found this lovely youTube crochet tutorial by Jayda InStitches. It has been very easy to follow, and here is where I am up to …




That’s the bottom and the connecting part of the drawstring bag done and the next part of the bag started. I have started building the bag with rows of single crochets from here on.
If this turns out well, I am hoping to gift the end product to my beautiful nephew who is turning two.
More updates to come …