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Beginner’s Crochet headband

Hi, there,

How’s your day going? I had some left over black 8 ply 50% wool 50% poly yarn and a newly purchased 3.5 mm made-in-Japan Clover Amour crochet hook (my first Clover Amour crochet hook!) at my disposal so I decided to work on a practical little project following this lovely tutorial by Brittany Marie.

It was a very well made tutorial for beginners like myself with detailed explanation that made sense! The project took me about an hour or so to complete which was the shortest project to date.

black crochet head band
About 20 rows in…

I used a combination of half double, double and single crochet to practice and just to change it up a bit. Here’s the end product.

Crochet head band
Crochet head band standing

It’s been pretty chilly lately here in Melbourne, Australia, so this little head band has come in handy keeping my ears warm while looking stylish 😉

Just a note on my new toy the Clover Amour crochet hook. It was really good! I experienced a lot less strain on my fingers after crocheting continuously for an extended period of time. The hook was smooth and the rubber handle was soft and velvety to touch. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks to the lovely people who made the hook and my lovely boyfriend for the gift voucher to spend at a local yarn shop. I wouldn’t have otherwise splurged on a nice crochet hook like this one.

Hope you’re having a nice day. Thanks for reading 🙂

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Cloud/kumo making

Kumo is Japanese for Cloud.

Hi! I recently finished a small crocheting project following a wonderful youtube video titled “雲のモチーフの編み方” by meetang&co.

The video was, you guessed it, recorded pretty much entirely in Japanese with some descriptions in English and numbers. I don’t understand Japanese at all but, to meetang&co’s credit and the fact that it’s a small project, I was able to follow the video and work out how many of what type of stitches was required at each step. Here are some photographs of my cloud making journey.

Step 1 cloud centre
Step 2 Start adding round clumps!

At this point, it started to resemble a little mouse!


Looking like half a butterfly…

a cow?


Ah, after a few more clumps, it started to look like a cloud! I was so excited :)!


And voilà! a little grey fluffy cloud appeared on my blue table cloth.

It was such a fun little project. I might stick a magnet on the back of the cloud and make a fridge magnet out of it at some point.

Despite not knowing any Japanese, the video was very easy to follow because each step was clearly shown and the knitter knitted at an even and slow pace throughout the video.

Meetang&co have a whole lot more crocheting tutorials for some super cute things like goldfish, raindrops and umbrellas. There are also practical things like comfy beanies and the alphabet!

It wouldn’t be too long before I try out another one of their beautiful creations I don’t think.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Stage 3/finale of trying out a youTube Teddy Bear drawstring bag tutorial

Thank you for the likes for the previous two blog posts :). You really made my day :D.

I finally finished making the drawstring bag.

A quick preview of the different components… stage3pieces

So far so good…

End product. Ta da! Open and shut view.

The bag, as suspected, was too small. A few more rows would have made a big difference. The end product looked a bit more like a monkey than a teddy bear haha.

I followed most instructions except for the mouth/lip lines. Decided to go with curved lines.


Despite the size of the bag, I am still quite happy with how it looks. The vibrant colours help, too. I suppose. Anyway, I’ve decided to give it to my nephew as a present. Hope he likes it!

It’s been a fun little project to do. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

Recap link to the tutorial at end of post.



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Stage 2 of Teddy Bear drawstring bag and Eva Cassidy

Here is where I am up to…

One ear and the bag which looks a little small! We’ll see what happens



More updates to come …


In the meantime,

Here’s Eva Cassidy’s rendition of “Honeysuckle Rose”

Her voice is amazing.


Recap link to my first blog post and the lovely Teddy Bear bag tutorial by Jayda InStitches

Trying out a youTube Teddy Bear Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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Trying out a youTube Teddy Bear Drawstring Bag Tutorial


I found this lovely youTube crochet tutorial by Jayda InStitches. It has been very easy to follow, and here is where I am up to …




That’s the bottom and the connecting part of the drawstring bag done and the next part of the bag started. I have started building the bag with rows of single crochets from here on.
If this turns out well, I am hoping to gift the end product to my beautiful nephew who is turning two.
More updates to come …